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More than just an awesome way to quench your thirst, Juice Up 412 is a social enterprise that uses their products - delicious and unique fruit and vegetable juices - to educate underserved communities about health, wellness and nutrition as well as food justice. Besides a lightened-up menu of coastal Italian fare that`s heavy on the fish and vegetables, those wrapping up their day at nearby Milk and Industria Studios can revel in the summery cocktails, like the Aloevation (vodka, aloe vera, violette), while taking in the sprawling installation of broken pottery pieces by Julian Schnabel hanging on one of the walls.The first of its kind, Belkin`s new Charge Dock offers both an integrated Lightning plug for your iPhone and a built-in Apple Watch charger. Designed by Christine and John Gachot of Gachot Studios, this intimate, 27-seat hideaway tucked past the hotel`s lobby beckons patrons to cozy up to the fireplace in one of the comfy, low-slung leather chairs, while bar expert Anne Robinson`s seasonal list of cocktails nods to small-batch artisanal distilleries and gamely complements Carmellini`s own market-driven menu.We all agree that fruits and veggies are essential to an energy boosting diet.  I just started my journey to juicing and I`m very excited I`ve always watched those late night infomercials with Jack Lalanne`s power juicers and always wanted one and to taste those wonderful and delicious drinks didn`t they look scrumptious but never got around to it. All those years went by and I`m sorry to say it took my health problem to make the decision to purchase a Jack Lalanne power juicer and I`m glad I did such a wonderful machine.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply.  Recent research by St Andrews University highlighted the powerful effect of fruit and vegetables in our daily diets; volunteers who increased their consumption of fresh produce found that their skintone changed and ‘glowed.` And it`s not just our skin that juicing can potentially improve; the increased vitamin content is widely reported to help with everything from hair growth and acne, to headaches and insomnia.If you are look­ing for an easy and effec­tive way to do some­thing amaz­ing for your body, con­sider the pow­er­ful health ben­e­fits of juic­ing The body can quickly absorb larger amounts of nutri­ents from juices than from solid foods because the process of diges­tion that is nec­es­sary when you eat whole foods is bypassed.  This short grassroots video will be shared throughout social media to raise awareness of the Juice Up 412 project as well as introduce general health and nutritional concepts to the community. In addition, the Juice Up crew will host a three-part film series, showing topical films in open neighborhood spaces. Find out more about Juice Up 412 by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook and try some of their juice today! On one side, the adjustable Lightning connector is designed to fit an iPhone and a wide variety of different cases.
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Belkin worked closely with Apple to develop the new product, which carries the official Made for Apple Watch and Made for iPhone branding. Not needing to supply your own Apple Watch and iPhone charging cables saves around $50. Sticking with its already winning formula, not much has changed at this West Village outpost of the petite SoHo original, a favorite haunt for models and the like, besides the larger interior.Ralph Lauren may be showing his own Fall/Winter 2015 collection in West SoHo this season, but those attending next Wednesday`s Marchesa presentation at the St. Regis Hotel will only have to skip across the street to the designer`s newly opened Polo Bar. With a name that couldn`t be more appropriate for a debut during Fashion Week, Seamstress, which opens tomorrow, brings a dream team of behind-the-bar masters to the Upper East Side.Besides luring purist tipplers with its extensive menu of 50 American classics, Seamstress also boasts a rotating list of signature drinks, like the Mortimer & Mauve, a warming concoction of rye whiskey, chai-infused sweet vermouth and ginger liqueur. There`s wine and cocktails to be had at night, but this chic hangout, nestled between Chelsea art galleries, also features a daytime menu that includes colorful immunity-boosting juice blends of vegetables and fruits, as well as vibrant smoothies, like the Mexican-inspired Nopal (pear, cactus and lime).A lively cantaloupe mimosa helps a person temporarily forget the weather outside, or for a nonboozy option, there`s also fresh cantaloupe juice. The good news is that juicing makes eating fruits and vegetables easy and enjoyable. You would struggle to chew your way through two carrots, an apple, a pineapple and a handful of kale in a single meal, but juicing converts a big mountain of produce into a more manageable glass of delicious juice. Juicing allows you to consume many more fruits and vegetables than you normally would so you can include more of these essential nutrients in your diet.On the other hand, the easily digestible nutrients in fresh juice will provide you with a natural burst of sustained energy without any side effects. Grab a juice over a coffee in the morning and you`ll feel energized and ready for anything. Although juicing removes the insoluble fibre from the fruits and vegetables, leaving it inside your juicer as pulp, the soluble fibre will still make it into the juice. Add a little of the left over pulp into your juice for an even healthier elixir. Although fruits and vegetables are packed full of essential nutrients and should be part of your diet, you should try to focus on juicing mainly vegetables.